Tyrolean flora: Learn about and use local herbs

11.10.2019, 9:00 - 11:00 am
Kaiserlift Kufstein

Is it poisonous? How does it taste? What is it good for? Our guide tells you. You will learn about well-known and lesser known herbs that can be used in the kitchen or for healing purposes. Here you need to pay attention not only to the correct usage but also the appropriate amount. Together with our guide you will collect, sample and learn more about the local flora.

Herbal expertMaria Bachmann

Maria Bachmann was born in the passion play village of Erl, and thus values Tyrolean culture and its traditions. A strong connection to her home and nature led to her discovering a love of wild herbs, and a fascination for the effects of healing plants. As a mountain guide Maria mainly explores the mountains by foot or on a mountain bike.

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