A festival for heroes
10 - 11 October 2019


It’s time for the youngest Festival in Austria.

A learning festival is coming which offers young people the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes of the 21st century: how are societies organised, what conditions is climate change creating? Nobody is in a position to give clear answers to all these big questions. And yet these questions are shaping our everyday lives and future. As a result, people are experiencing a huge sense of ambiguity and uncertainty in dealing with the world at present. It is no coincidence that retro-inspired images of the world are spreading around the globe, based on a ‘great again’ vibe. Many people see the solution as being to go ‘back’. But this is not where the answer lies!


We can only find answers to questions of the future by looking to the future.And this requires our full powers of ingenuity, clarity and emotional skills. It requires people to discover the wonderful world around us with fresh, new and innocent eyes. Things which seem certain must be changed and things which seem stuck can flow again. Gems for the future lie as hidden potential in the endless technical and physical connections and network structures of the 21st century. Identifying and harnessing these is the task for all those who want to shape the future.

The heroes of tomorrow

And who would be a suitable candidate for discovering and harnessing these gems as the heroes of the future? Young people with a will to develop and change the world. Young people with the idea of developing further as a community and society. We want to give these ambitious young people a place and time to educate and train themselves to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. BEADY DAYS in Kufstein is a starting point for gathering these many gems and lining them up to create a whole chain of future potential. This festival of learning is dedicated to the heroes of tomorrow, helping them to find their way in the complexity of the world, giving them a platform and bringing them together.

BEADY DAYS is a festival of learning for young professionals, talented individuals, pioneers, visionaries, idea creators and deep thinkers.

It is a festival which is both fun and moving. Unlike the many ‘thinking outside the box’ festivals, it is not just about being innovative and curious. It’s about deep thinking, genuine knowledge and contact with others. Thinking and feeling are the pop culture of the future. And this can be experienced during BEADY DAYS. For our heroes of the future!

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