Calling all future heroes! We can offer a stage for your best ideas in order to improve our world. We are looking for heroes, who can provide the most surprising, experimental, ground-breaking and innovative solution to the question: How can we improve the world? The best concepts to solve current global issues are presented at the BEADY DAYS 2019. From an elaborated draft to a complex business model, everything is allowed – the more concrete the better.

The best ideas to improve our world

Mobilitatis – mobi: the tool for a sustainable journey to the hiking trail

Is there anything more beautiful than to disconnect in the nature and climb a mountain? Basically two things that fit very well. Austria is a paradise for hikers and there are countless destinations that offer beautiful hikes. To find a description of the trails is easy, the problem is planning on how to get there. While those places are usually easily accessible by car, a user of public transport often finds their limits. However, since the usage of a car is not the most sustainable way to arrive to the trails, finding a more environmentally friendly mode of transport poses a huge research project. Why don’t we fill this gap and increase the customer satisfaction of website users looking for information. Johanna Wied and her team are working on a tool for a sustainable journey, called mobi, which combines the strengths of existing search engines, such as Google Maps and the ÖBB journey planner. This back-end solution unifies information from local public transport and routing data, providing the most direct route to the hiking path. As a conjunction of data on the respective information platform for hiking trails, mobi challenges greenhouse gas emissions.

Wavect – the first real social network

Most cannot imagine a life without their smartphones anymore. Unfortunately those compact daily companions cause a decrease in personal social interactions. Climate change as well as the world’s growing population proved to be further issues for Kevin Riedl and his team members to actively interfere. The Wavect app helps to foster social interaction, mind one’s health and protect the environment. People should get the feeling, that they can take matters in their own hands and significantly change things without getting the feeling to be a mere drop in the ocean. Of course, having fun is still the priority – because it feels good to do good! The app’s goal is to animate users and to overcome challenges based on at least one of the three pillars – social, health and environment. A points system should motivate to fulfil more tasks, which can then be shared with friends, in order to encourage them to do the same! Every private person can create a user profile, but also businesses are welcome to use the app if they wish to sponsor challenges and show engagement. Because if we all pull together we can move mountains!

Fast first aid via an app – a digital infrastructure connecting responder and patient

Nature’s idyll and solitude have a soothing effect, however, in case of emergency can quickly turn out to be very dangerous. Especially rural areas are often badly connected with rescue services resulting in slow emergency response rates. Michael Fischer wants to change that! A mobile application for Tyrol and Kufsteinerland should bridge the time gap until emergency services arrive at the scene. Mobile rescuers in close proximity are alarmed in order to perform first aid services. The network of potential responders can be reached via the app, potentially saving lives. Michael Fischer wants to establish such systems in Tyrol to provide the service and digital infrastructure for helpers and people in need.

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