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About pioneers and future heroes

200 years ago, on October 4th, 1819, Marie Schwarz was given a pioneering, innovative bankbook and was told: “Save for the future”. Because the 12-year-old Marie believed in herself, the slogan of the anniversary of the Sparkassen idea is #believeinyourself. Believe in yourself and believe in the future.

Marie is given Austria’s first bankbook.

200 years Erste Bank und Sparkassen

Whether in one’s own life, in start-up foundation or in a company of great tradition, in economy and society. Confidence and trust in the future, the belief in oneself and others and the belief in ideas and entrepreneurial creative power are the foundation for personal growth and social wealth. Based on this approach, the Sparkassen were born 200 years ago. Hence, at the beginning of client relationships it is not products and services that are of priority, but ideas, goals and plans. At the beginning there are people who are ready to create their own future.

Because the future begins where somebody believes in themselves

Marie Schwarz saw a future, where night turns into day, a future full of new beginnings. She saw a future where everybody has a voice and does not fear to use it. A future where no challenge is too big to be overcome. According to the motte “be the hero of your own future” the tourist office Kufsteinerland hosts the first BEADY DAYS 2019 in the city of Kufstein together with its partner, the Frankfurt-based Zukunftsinstitut. By being given Austria’s first bankbook, Maria Schwarz became a pioneer of her time. The BEADY DAYS will bring together young heroes, who are not shy to take their own future in hand and change the world.

The festival takes place on 10th and 11th October 2019 and focuses on pathbreaking issues: How are societies organised? Which new possibilities arise from technological development? How do global economies evolve? Which conditions are caused by climate change?

The attractive event programme is comprised of lectures and workshops by top-class speakers and experts: Dr. Auma Obama, ambassador of ecological, economic and social sustainability, trend and future researcher Matthias Horx, experimental dream job tester Jannike Stöhr, circumnavigator Laura Dekker, Nils Knoop, Marketing and Communications Manager at Ben & Jerry’s, neuroscientist, biochemist and German science slam champion, Dr. Henning Beck, Harry Gatterer, CEO of Zukunftsinstitut, and many more.

We are looking forward to exciting BEADY DAYS 2019. Be the hero of your own future!

The history of Erste Bank und Sparkassen:

  • 1819 Marie Schwarz receives Austria’s first bankbook.
  • 1877 The Sparkasse Kufstein opens its doors as the first bank of the region.
  • 1908 The Spar-Casse donates one million guilders for the 60-year regnal anniversary of Franz Joseph I of Austria. The donations mainly benefit children.
  • 1918 After the First World War Austria finds itself in crisis.
  • 1955 By signing the Austrian Independence Treaty, a symbolical line is drawn under the darkest chapter of Austrian history.
  • 1968 The first ATM is put into operation at the Sparkassen office Graben in Vienna.
  • 1971 The first drivable Sparkassen branch is in use – including cash office, bulletproof glass and metal cladding.
  • 1997 The Erste Bank acquires a majority share of Mezőbank and expands into Hungary.
  • 2015 The Erste Bank publishes its own online banking app George. The banking sector is already strongly shaped by digitalisation and smartphones.
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